If you haven’t noticed yet, the majority of my posts are filled with some vernacular that stems from my hometown of Cape Town and words that friends and I have made up. Feel free to browse through the glossary and familiarise yourself with these words so that you can experience the full pleasure of my posts.

Banger: A song that gets you revved up at the jol. Whether it be EDM, Trap or a commercial track, when a banger comes on, you’ll be the oke/doll squeaking those tekkies till no tomorrow.

Bezza/Frosties: A delicious ice cold beer.

Binne: When you’ve slammed one too many Jägerbombs and you’re seeing visions like Nostradamus but your brain is in actual fact just doing laps in a pool of alcohol. Binne is short for, “binne in my p**s.”

BurrInstead of saying the traditional bru (brother in Afrikaans) we sometimes say Burr.

Doll: A female human. The opposite sex.

Tekkies: Nike, Reeboks, Grasshoppers, Crocs or any other item that you wear on your feet. Aka shoes.

Jol: It means to party. Eg: I was so binne at the jol last night.

Jus: Ultimately it means horny in Afrikaans but it all depends on context. For example, if there’s something that you really like you can say, “that’s a jus pair of shoes.” If someone is annoying you or pissing you off, you can say, “Hey! are you jus!” It’s all about context.

Lit CityGetting inebriated.

NaaiAgain, it’s about context and it’s a dirty word. The only way I’ll be using it in is when someone has annoyed you or pissed you off,  you can then call them a naai. Eg: Tsek jou Naai! It’s an insult.

SkollyA Skolly is a like a hooligan or a juvenile delinquent.

If there are any words you have read in my articles that I have failed to address, please send me an e-mail and I’ll be sure to educate you at once.